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Rochester: Get Warm Please! Sincerely, RIT Parkour

Today was Attempt #2 at the Campus Safety Jam, but the officer we were supposed to meet up with got caught up in "a dispute" (so said Dispatch. I almost offered to help out. "Hey, I'm looking for a rumble, how can we help?), and he couldn't make it. Oh well, maybe... eventually.

Still a good jam though. (Getting cold and windy though...) A few new people, everyone's making very good progress. We took another lap on the rocks (picture in a precvious post), and it is such a fantastic workout. Thank you, Rochester Institute of Technology, for putting those rocks there. They actually recently added 2, just for us! (Or so I will continue to believe.) Tim and I were drilling this tic-tac over a raised brick grate which isn't really that hard, but if you slip on the wall you could fall onto a smaller brick structure and hurt yourself, or you might just land on it coming out of the tic-tac. After a few dry-runs with spotters, we finally nailed it. We also came up with an idea for a tic-tac off of a wall into a turn vault, although we want to test it a few times somewhere that doesn't have a ledge on the other side of the rail, so if we miss it'll be okay.

Tomorrow we're going into downtown Rochester to Manhattan Square Park. It might rain, which won't stop me, but it wouldn't be quite as much fun so I hope it doesn't.

Philadelphia Jam is next weekend, we've got about 5 or 6 people heading down for that. (Oh yeah, Dad, I'm going to Philly next weekend.) A number of the NYPK guys are going, so it's going to be a good chance to see them again. I'm hoping some people from the Mid-Atlantic region come up too, get a good quad-state jam going.

In my own personal news, I got my standing backtuck down on Wednesday. Pretty happy about that. Landing isn't 100%, but I'm pretty sure it was just because I was tired. Going to train it some more tomorrow or Monday, I think. Should be fun. I'll get a video (or pictures! Those would be funny...) up once I get a chance.

A Few Stories from Japan

On Tynan

I've been in Japan for just over a week now. Todd and my Japanese teacher, Michiru, just left yesterday. My friend Brian is still here. Michiru took us to a bunch of places we'd never been before, and guided us through the murky Japanese-speaking waters. Todd took a lot of great photos (same camera setup as me -- NEX-5 with 50mm/1.1 lens). While the memories are still fresh in my mind, I'll share a few stories from the trip.



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