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Goals Before Returning to Rochester

I have way, way too much time on my hands this Thanksgiving break, so I'm going to post some goals with the intention of accomplishing at least some of them before I return to Rochester.

That should do for now. The first two I can do at home, the third I can do at home... at the second two I'm going to hit up Acro and Emiles (two gymnastics gyms) and try to get someone to help me.

So that's my plan for this Thanksgiving break!

"7 Must-Do Guidelines To Build Products That People Actually Want"


This piece tells you Zac Cohn's story and awakening from being shy, to becoming a cutting edge athlete in parkour, to learning how to actually make sure you're building things that people actually want with your business time.

Zac is doing a GiveGetWin deal that has a mix of a group class and personal attention: Personal Training In How To Build Products That People Actually Want. It'll be an outstanding and insightful experience.

"7 Must-Do Guidelines To Build Products That People Actually Want"by Zac Cohn, as told to Sebastian Marshall

I was a pretty shy person when I was younger, but it started to change when I went with my dad on a business trip he was taking to San Francisco.

We went to a technology talk show called "The Screen Savers." We were talking to the handler -- the person who makes sure the live audience behaves.

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