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Zenith Parkour Class - A Big Hit

On Sunday, October 5th, I ran a free "Parkour and Obstacle Coursing Workshop" at Zenith Gymnastics in Rochester, New York.

I've been working with Zenith Gymnastics through the RIT Gymnastics club since the end of last summer. I was calling all the local gyms I could find, trying to find somewhere that would give us access to their equipment and facilities and let us train there. After some negotiation, RIT Gymnastics started going there weekly, learning from Sasha and Maria Kourbatova - Russian olympic gold metalists and leaders in their fields. We learned a lot over the year, and we're looking forward to a very successful second year with them!

Amy, the owner of Zenith Gymnastics, has been trying to expand her boys program. My roommate, co-founder of Rochester Parkour, and President of the RIT Gymnastics Club Charles Moreland, offered his help and has begun to teach some of the Boy's Gymnastics classes at Zenith.

Back in August, I called Amy to confirm plans for Gymnastics this year. At the end of this call, I proposed to her the idea of starting a Parkour class. She was interested in the idea, and told me to develop a curriculum and some flyers. I came up with several different ways for the class to work, depending on some of Amy's goals, and we finally settled on a 4 week class aimed towards Zenith's primary demographic, 8-14 year olds.

Yesterday, I ran a free workshop at Zenith to generate some interest. Five kids arrived, and there were between eight and ten more on the list of people interested. Two brothers, around age 9, two fourteen year olds, and a seven year old.

King Randall's Marketing Story

On Gorilla Tactics

A while ago Tadhg Kelly (www.whatgamesare.com) started writingposts about this funky concept called a Marketing Story. I’ll quote from hiswebsite since he tells it much more eloquently than I would have paraphrased:

“A marketing story is a tale that you tell to theinfluential people in your market, which they then tell to other people. Thestory of who you are and what your game represents becomes a part of dailyconversation, which makes people interested and leads to sales. Marketingstories come in many shapes and sizes, but the common trait that they share istheir ability to spread.”

Whoah, that’s a super useful way to think about marketing. Itdoesn’t focus on the nuts and bolts of press releases, blog posts, and mediacontent – all of which can be very overwhelming for a novice like myself.Rather, it focuses on the larger picture of what people will say when they talkabout your game. That is something which is really important to take a day ortwo to think about during the early stages of any games development, becauseit’s important that people are both talking about your game, and that you havealready provided compelling language for them to use.

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