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This Is How I Play #2 - PDQ

Game: The first game is called PDQ, or Pretty Darn Quick. This is an incredibly popular parkour game, where the basic objective is to jump on peoples' feet. This is actually one of the more complicated games, it usually takes a practice game for everyone to get the hang of it. I often play a “demo game” as I'm teaching it, so people can see the rules and their effects.

Rules: You start in a circle and everyone puts one first in the center. Someone (usually the winner of the last game) picks a random person, taps their fist, and counts “one,” moves to the next person in the circle, “two” and so on until everyone has been numbered. Once everyone has a number, everyone shouts “One, two, three, PDQ!” and everyone simultaneously takes one jump away from the center.

At this point, you continue in number order (“one” is first, “two” is second, etc). When it is your turn to go, your goal is to jump on someone else's foot. No one can move until you are in the air, however. If you feint and pretend to jump and someone else moves their feet, then they are eliminated. If you jump and land on someone's feet, they are eliminated.

The interesting twist to this game is... you can only jump when the person who is “it” is in the air. However, if you jump and land on someone else's feet, you can still get them out even though it isn't your turn.

King Randall's Marketing Story

On Gorilla Tactics

A while ago Tadhg Kelly (www.whatgamesare.com) started writingposts about this funky concept called a Marketing Story. I’ll quote from hiswebsite since he tells it much more eloquently than I would have paraphrased:

“A marketing story is a tale that you tell to theinfluential people in your market, which they then tell to other people. Thestory of who you are and what your game represents becomes a part of dailyconversation, which makes people interested and leads to sales. Marketingstories come in many shapes and sizes, but the common trait that they share istheir ability to spread.”

Whoah, that’s a super useful way to think about marketing. Itdoesn’t focus on the nuts and bolts of press releases, blog posts, and mediacontent – all of which can be very overwhelming for a novice like myself.Rather, it focuses on the larger picture of what people will say when they talkabout your game. That is something which is really important to take a day ortwo to think about during the early stages of any games development, becauseit’s important that people are both talking about your game, and that you havealready provided compelling language for them to use.

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