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Sometimes It's The Little Things

After twenty hours of traveling, we finally landed in Vienna, Austria. The first stop on #pricelinetrip. There are four of us.

We walked off the plane, stepped outside the airport, and got in the taxi. We told the taxi driver what hostel we were staying in, but he didn't recognize it.

"In the last six years, there is so much new hotel and hostel." He grumbled. I asked him why.

"Too many tourists come visit."

The Halloween party

On Herald Hippo

Who says that as a grown-up you cannot dress-up? Well...the best excuse is for Halloween.

What was the plan? Easy:

- Find the place: a nice bar in Zizkov area, and the advantage was that for a party you don't need to pay for the place rental. Yay!

- Find a DJ: done, cool guy, excellent music. Yay! Have to buy him an Oreo :)

- Find the people: done; expats that did not have something better to do so they came to the party. Some dressed up, some did not. Lame!

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