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An Interesting Discussion on Blogger Values

Last night, a friend took me out and showed me around to some of his favorite restaurants and bars in Tel Aviv. He’s been reading my blog up to this point, and he posed an interesting question.

I’ve already written pretty openly about some negative reactions I’ve gotten from people (especially in Being Honest Is Scary), but those were all people I was pretty sure would never find or read my blog. And just in case, I anonymized them anyway.

I’ve also written positively about a few people, who I assumed would see it and know it was about them. Nothing wrong with that, but I still avoided using names without permission.

A Short Trip to Alaska

On Tynan

One night, while in the RV working on SETT, Todd suggested a trip to Alaska. I said I'd be interested in it, forgetting that in our group of friends, this low level of commitment basically always results in a trip happening. A couple weeks later I bought a really decked out 2001 KLR 650 motorcycle specifically to drive from San Francisco to Alaska, bought a knife, and stopped shaving my beard. That was about all I could think of doing to prepare for the trip.

Our departure date came a month later, and five of us met in downtown San Francisco with our bikes ready to go. Without much fanfare, we headed North, towards Canada.

By the time we stopped for gas for the first time, I had decided to turn back. At the high speeds we prefer to travel at, my bike was a little bit wobbly, probably due to the knobby tires and panniers. This could be fixed with a $100 fork brace, but there was nowhere to buy one and no time to ship it. Beyond that, though, I realized that I don't really enjoy long distance motorcycle trips. You can't talk to anyone, your seat is about as comfortable as a bar stool, you can't have snacks or water, and you can't change the music or podcasts on your ipod. Besides that, I wasn't feeling great about the sharply reduced hours that I'd be able to work on SETT. So I turned back.

Initially after turning back, I didn't plan on going to Alaska at all, but I had already bought my return ticket from Anchorage, so the cost of flying up for a few days was cut in half. I called around a couple motorcycle rental shops, and Nancy from Alaska Motorcycle Adventures offered me a great deal on a BMW, along with a really great route that she suggested. I bought my one-way plane ticket minutes later.

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