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Be Strong to Be Useful... or just plain "Be Useful."

I think to truly understand the phrase "Be strong to be useful," you can simply modify it to: "Be useful."

On Saturday, Charles Moreland and I were driving back from the grocery store. We were already 20 minutes late to our own party, it was raining, cold, and there were 30mph gusts. While at a stop light, Charles noticed a van in the intersection across from us. It was stopped in the left turn lane, cars were going around it, and all the lights were off. The lights came back on, briefly, and then went out again. Clearly, their car was dead.

Immediately, and pretty much without speaking, it was agreed that we'd pull into the nearest parking lot, don our jackets and gloves, and run into the middle of the road to help. We walked up to the car, and I waved. The old russian man cracked the door open suspiciously, as I announced that we were here to help. "I already called Triple A" he said. "They'll be here within the hour." I waved my hand toward the oncoming cars. "It's not safe for you to be in this intersection. Throw the car in neutral and we're going to push you into the parking lot."

I think there was a bit of a language barrier, and a bit of suspicion about these random boys who showed up out of no where to help, but once we got behind the car and started to push, he shifted into neutral and steered. Once we got out of the intersection, we pushed the car (uphill! Damn minivans are heavy.) through the road and into a parking space. I noticed about halfway through, whenever he could, the old man opened the door and tried to help push with his foot.

We got to the parking space, he put it in park, and he and his wife got out of the car and thanked us profusely. She asked us if we were in school, and if we were done with calculus yet (she is a calculus tutor at a local high school apparently), and she gave us her card. The man shook our hands and thanked us many times. I gave them my card and told them to call me if they needed any more help - I lived just five minutes away.

Building 8 "The Chimney Sweep"

On Wellington Street

Margaret and I spent yesterday setting up the Christmas lights. Was cold today. Some snow on the ground. Got late by the time we finished up. Sat in the living room. Looking at everything. The tree. The stockings. Only set up the two of ours. Noah and Elizabeth won't be coming over for a while.

For the best.

Christmas lights around the fireplace began to flicker; first the yellow and the purple, then the blue and the green. Then they went out completely, leaving just the red bulbs. Fire was still burning, but the room was dominated by red. I went ahead and checked the bulbs of the other colors. All of them were scorched. Electrical. But the red bulbs remained alight. Struck me as odd.

When I was young there was always a tradition of testing the lights before we set them up. Often there would be one bulb that was no good, and it would become a great mystery trying to figure out which one it was that caused all the bulbs to refuse to light. Whoever found it got a treat.

This wasn't a new set of lights. It was the same one I had been using for almost five years.

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