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Internet Freedom Bus Tour: Day 1: Startup Weekend: Iowa City

Last post I talked about Startup Weekend: Iowa City in general, and why I enjoyed it so much. But one thing I skipped out on was Sunday, the Day the Internet Showed Up.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Internet 2012 Bus Tour bus[/caption]

[Editors note - I'm joining the Bus Tour because in January, I co-produced an anti-SOPA video called The Day The Lolcats Died. 700,000 views in a week, this was called The Protest Song of the Anti-SOPA Movement.

After this, I wanted to stay involved in fighting for issues I cared about, and started to develop Startup Weekend's Government vertical. In addition to having Gov't themed Startup Weekend events, we're trying to invite elected officials out to Startup Weekend's to help show them that startups and tech entrepreneurship is happening in their constituencies, and that it's something they need to care about.

Alexis announced the Bus Tour, and the Iowa City event happened to fit perfectly in their schedule. Once the Startup Weekend event was finished, I'm hopping on board the bus to travel with them the rest of the way!]

Uber: Me and my Driver... ish.

On DROdio

I needed to get from our office at 153 Townsend St over to Kicklabs at 181 Fremont St.  In the elevator on the way down, some colleagues suggested I try Uber.

I'd ridden in their pedicabs at SXSW and figured, why not, so I installed the Uber iPhone app and asked for a driver.

Sofian showed up 4 minutes later in a cream colored Lincoln Town Car (the only cream colored executive sedan in the Uber fleet, he proudly informed me).  He was super professional and friendly.  The ride cost me $20 -- about 4 times what a cab ride would've cost, so as a cash conscious startup founder I won't be using Uber on a daily basis, but when it's raining out and I can't find a regular cab, or if I'm with clients, then no question, Uber is awesome.  And Sofian said he exclusively gives rides through Uber, meaning the startup has uncovered an AirBnB-like way to create entirely new type of taxi-plus type service.  Very impressive.

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