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This Is How I Play #3 - QM Tag

Game: This next game is called QM (Quadrupedal Movement) Tag. It's a popular variation on regular tag, except you have to stay on all fours the entire time. These game is a lot of fun, but also is quite the workout as it encourages some mad scrambles to get away.

Rules: The rules are pretty simple. Usually I designate a specific area the players must stay in. This keeps the game fast and intense, and prevents people from spreading out too far. In order to tag someone, you must tag their elbows. This makes it a bit more difficult to tag other players. Goal: For the player who is “it” to tag another player's elbow.

Physical Benefits: For anyone who hasn't tried it, QM is a fantastic full body exercise. Essentially, walk around on your hands and feet with your hips and shoulders low to the ground – the lower the harder! Once you've walked around like this for a while, try doing it backwards. And then do it up and down stairs, or all around the house. Once you're comfortable with walking around like this, try to balance (not while playing tag though!) and walk on a railing or on top of a fence on all fours.

Other benefits: In addition to making you stronger, compound, full body movements like this teach your brain how to use muscles together, instead of just individually. Whenever you learn a new movement, whether it's QM, juggling, or playing piano, you are actually constructing new neural pathways in your brain. People, especially children, who stimulate their brains in new ways will continue to develop more neural pathways. These people tend to have more active, creative, and powerful brains. By learning how to move in new and creative ways, you can actually get smarter!

What it is really like to be a teenager with ME/CFS.

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Being a teenager is difficult enough at the best of times, what with the constantly changing body, hormones flowing at an alarming rate and spots. Oh the spots. Not to mention the pressure of exams and school. Now mix ME/CFS into this equation and you get something interesting, or my own personal hell. For those of you who don't know ME stands for myalgic encephalomyelitis and so it is simplified to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There isn'tjust one symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome, being fatigue, the fatigue isn't just fatigue it is a constant throbbing fatigue that radiates throughout your being every hour of the day, at times making it difficult to even breathe. As you are constantly accompanied by the fatigue there are other symptoms flitting by, some staying longer than other and recurring often while others you see once in a blue moon. I think these symptoms differ from person to person everyone is individual.

Today I will talk about the most frequent symptoms and in the next post I shall discuss the extra/different difficulties being a teenager with ME presents, although I have loosely talked about this already.

So the symptoms (from a persons point of view, not a doctor):

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