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I have found that improvising is a critical part of the college experience. Whether it's improvising on a paper you're writing, or improvising an excuse on the spot when you've been discovered somewhere you very shouldn't be, thinking on your feet is a very important skill to have.

My two latest improvisations come more in the form of lacking something, and having to make up for it. The first instance was when I ran out of bread.Improvisation #1!

The second instance, which happened today, occured when I was unable to find my razor blade:Improvisation #2!

FounderConference: Adeo Ressi, Drew Houston, Dave McClure give tips;

On DROdio

Another awesome event at the Mountain View Microsoft campus (the last one was the FounderShowcase event) called FounderConference.  This was a seven hour marathon event geared towards tech founders, and it featured industry heavyweights Dave McClure and Adeo Ressi, as well as the founder & CEO of Dropbox, Drew Houston and reporters Anthony Ha from VentureBeat, Ryan Singel from WIRED, Chris O'Brien from SJ Mercury News and Hooman Khalili from Alice 97.3FM.

Here are videos from the event - they're all phenomenal and worth watching.

Adeo Ressi gave a very honest (brutal) assessment on being a founder, and he absolutely tore some entrepreneurs up on stage, but not in a vicious way.  He was very constructive about it.  Still it's sobering to watch.

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