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An Interesting Discussion on Blogger Values

Last night, a friend took me out and showed me around to some of his favorite restaurants and bars in Tel Aviv. He’s been reading my blog up to this point, and he posed an interesting question.

I’ve already written pretty openly about some negative reactions I’ve gotten from people (especially in Being Honest Is Scary), but those were all people I was pretty sure would never find or read my blog. And just in case, I anonymized them anyway.

I’ve also written positively about a few people, who I assumed would see it and know it was about them. Nothing wrong with that, but I still avoided using names without permission.

Networking: Part 2

On Lawrence He

I haven’t been too optimistic after getting no replies from my first networking event.

And yesterday’s networking event left me even more cynical. It was a free event hosted by the Young Professionals Association here in town. It began well, I met a very friendly lady who was interested in hearing about our business while waiting in line to get into the event. Then from there, my nerves just continued to get rattled. It wasn’t similar to the first networking meeting, where the people talked to you with courteous interest. The young professionals seemed distant as if they didn’t even want to network. Half of them were only there for the free booze. Halfway trying to make conversation with girls, this cynical fury took over. I decided to get things done rather than being intentional (or seeming intentional) to meet people. I decided to ask about their business, tell them about my business, ask if they knew anyone who needed my video production services, then get their card and move on.

At the end of the day I could still call it a success. We handed out all of our cards and had a few interested people.

The morning after, I attended another networking event, but this time the crowd was much different. The people were much older, and warmer. I felt compelled listen to them more and even if they didn’t benefit me, I felt compelled to befriend them.

It’s interesting to compare the two: the older group that I’ve enjoyed more networking with, and had more quality conversations with, and the younger group that I’ve made more connections with in quantity.

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