24 Things I Did At 24

I turned 25 years old 88 minutes ago. I’ve been reflecting on the past year a lot the past few days, and I thought I would list 24 things that I did while I was 24. Next year, I might do a “25 things I did while I was 25” post. This might turn into a nice tradition, as well forcing me to get more and more interesting the older I get. :)

So, in no particular order, 24 Things I Did At 24:

  1. Joined LIFFFT as a Partner.
  2. Became “not incompetent” at one type of partner dancing (Blues dancing, specifically).
  3. Launched the Seattle Customer Development Meetup.
  4. Gave up the Hacker News Seattle Meetup and handed it off to someone else.
  5. Did a TEDx talk.
  6. Was invited to emcee and speak at a conference in the Philippines.
  7. Went Scuba diving for the first (through fifth…) time.
  8. Brent Spiner (Data, from The Next Generation) played with my Google Glass.
  9. Publicly launched the War on Pizza.
  10. Was interviewed in studio for a live radio program.
  11. Facilitated 7 Startup Weekend events.
  12. Hosted two friends on my couch for a total of 5 months.
  13. Went skydiving for the first time.
  14. Went hot air ballooning (not at the same time as #13).
  15. Played on a recreational soccer league (for at least part of the season…).
  16. First time to the Southern Hemisphere (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).
  17. Got laid off from my job at Startup Weekend.
  18. Moved out of my home of 3 years and couchsurfed for a while.
  19. Raised $15,000 (committed) to fund a project to crowdfund NASA.
  20. Involved in the Planetary Resources Kickstarter campaign to raise $1.5M to crowdfund a satellite.
  21. Learned a lot about Enterprise Sales. Learned I have a lot more to learn about Enterprise Sales.
  22. Guest Trustee for The Awesome Foundation
  23. Flew 74,000 miles and achieved Gold Frequent Flyer status on Delta (and am only 1000 miles short of Platinum!)
  24. Hired someone for the first time.

Look out next year for the thrilling sequel, 25 Things I Did While 25.

Written on January 14, 2013