Rochester Parkour Website

Interest in Parkour at RIT is exploding.

We are not a school sponsored club, although we are working on it, but through grassroots advertising and word of mouth alone, the size of our regular meetings has doubled since last spring. This explosion in popularity is not just limited to RIT however. I have been in contact with many people from University of Rochester, Monroe Community College, and people from around the city.

In an effort to expand awareness of Parkour even more, I have decided to launch a new website,

This website will serve as the central hub for all Parkour activities in the Rochester, New York area. We are not a team or a clan, we are simply a community. This website will function as a way to promote Parkour in Rochester, and to direct people who might be interested, but are unsure of where to start, to willing and able teachers. It will be a single website where they can read articles, look at pictures, and watch videos all relevant to the Rochester area. There will be information about workshops and classes being offered, as well as regular training times and locations.

The site is still new, and things will be constantly added. Soon I will be adding an “Articles” section, as well as “Quotes” and a link to our pictures, hosted on Flickr.

In addition to hosting content for the Rochester community, the site links to other valuable resources such as American Parkour, blogs of local and high-profile traceurs (someone who trains Parkour), and other websites.

My hope is that this new site will spark even more interest in Parkour in the Rochester area, and will help people train in a safe and responsible manner.

Written on January 5, 2008