Seattle Startup Map

A few days ago, I was working with Nick Hughes planning out the next Seattle Startup Crawl. One common bit of feedback about the last event was that the four locations were way too spread out (Queen Anne to Pioneer Square to Downtown to Cap Hill…), so we wanted to find four startups who wanted to participate, but were all pretty close to each other.

Seattle2.0 has an awesome list of Seattle based startups, but there’s no addresses or location data associated with them.

So last night I wrote a quick google apps script to scrape the Seattle20 Startup Index, run all the companies through, and then export them to a Google map.

And here is the final product!

</p> <p>View Seattle Startup Map in a full screen map

A few interesting things to note. Of the 476 startups in the Index, Switchboard was only able to find addresses for 155 of them. Of the remaining 321 startups, some don’t exist anymore, and some just didn’t come up in Switchboard (For example, I know the Cheezburger Network exists, and I know their address, but Switchboard couldn’t find it).

So this isn’t an exhaustive map, but it’s still interesting to see. If you want your startup added to the map, fill out this Seattle Startup Map Submission Form and I’ll add you.

Written on January 1, 2011