The Day The Lolcats Died Sopa Pipa Protest Song

I’ll have a full write up of this whole thing later, but a brief writeup of the last week:

  • Last Tuesday I got involved in the fight against SOPA/PIPA and started Seattle Against SOPA

  • Last Thursday night I had a line to a song pop into my head. “The day the lolcats died.”
  • On Saturday, we shot a video.
  • On Tuesday, we launched the video:
  • As of Friday (72 hours after launch), the video has gotten 705,000 views and driven over 4000 clicks to Life After SOPA.

We’ve gotten press coverage from MSNBC, The Washington Post, TechCrunch, The Guardian, NPR, Wired, and many many more. They’re calling this ““the protest song of the anti-SOPA/PIPA movement.”You can watch the video below.

gg son.

Written on January 7, 2012