Top 25 Things I Did At 25

On my birthday last year, I made a list of the Top 24 Things I Did At 24. It was a fun project, and I decided I’d make it a yearly tradition. That way, every year I grow older I’m forced to do more and more interesting things.

My 26th birthday was yesterday, and while it’s a day late, here is my list of the Top 25 Things I Did At 25. A few things didn’t make the cut, which is good. It means I did more than 25 cool things this year.

So, in no particular order:

  1. Met the Governor Jay Inslee of Washington, who thanked me “for bringing [my] creative talent to the State of Washington.”
  2. Learned to ride a motorcycle
  3. Met Chris Hadfield, Astronaut Extraordinaire
  4. Closed my first 5 figure contract (with DARPA, none the less!)
  5. Closed my first 6 figure contract
  6. Planned a 10 day workcation to Nicaragua… with 3 days notice.
  7. Learned to surf.
  8. Got much better at Blues Dancing focusing on it hard. Danced 18 out of 31 nights in January.
  9. Went to Israel
  10. Learned to Salsa (In Israel, in Hebrew).
  11. Traveled to Palestine to mentored four startups at the first startup accelerator in Palestine.
  12. Blogged about my time in Palestine and Israel.
  13. Was a little bit homeless for 3 months, then moved in with two great friends.
  14. Resigned/laid myself off from LIFFFT.
  15. Gave a talk at Ignite Seattle in front of 800 people.
  16. Hit platinum status on Delta.
  17. Saw the Aurora Borealis from an airplane on my way back home from 5 weeks of travel.
  18. Gave talk to 200 people at the LeanWA conference. Someone told me it was “the best session I’ve ever been to at a conference”
  19. Started Wonful Consulting
  20. Bought a car with the intention of selling it five months later. (It was cheaper than renting) (haven’t sold it yet. oops)
  21. Booked a crazy trip. NYC-Milan-Prague-Paris-Bangkok: $177. Then doing Burma-Egypt-Turkey-Paris on the way back.
  22. Wrote a book. (It’s not quite out yet… but it’s written!)
  23. Was called a “waste of taxpayer money.” (The other 399 people at the event disagreed)
  24. Went to The Island.
  25. Got SCUBA certified

Okay, 26. #Letsdothis.

Picture is of Fisher having a “Say Anything” moment during our workshop at the LeanWA conference (#18).

I leave for my crazy trip (#21) in 13 hours. Spending 41 days traveling. Should be awesome. I’m hoping to write daily. Most of them will be blog posts, although some of the writing will be for work.

Written on January 6, 2014