Top 26 Things I Did At 26

On my birthday for the last two years, I’ve made lists of the Top 24 Things I Did At 24, and The Top 25 Things I Did At 25. It’s a fun yearly tradition that I’m continuing. Hopefully, for every year I grow older I’m forced to do more interesting things.

So, in no particular order:

  1. Guerrilla Compliments v2
  2. The Priceline Glitch Trip: NYC->Milan->Prague->Paris->Bangkok, all for $177. Pictures.
  3. Speaking at the 2014 Lean Startup Conference
  4. Getting flown down to Chile to help SaasGeneration.
  5. Crashing a random parade (which I later realized was probably a protest. Of what? Who knows!) in Valparaiso, Chile.
  6. Getting flown to Amsterdam to give a talk for Hyatt.
  7. Attending a 200+ person pillow fight. (and somehow I lost my shirt)
  8. Teaching Monica Guzman how to drive stick, and then live streaming the experience.
  9. Launching, getting a hundreds of paying customers, and then selling the business.
  10. Going to Orcas Island and building mysterious puzzles for future visitors.
  11. Working with my friend Fisher to help the State of Washington figure out how to build the best IT organization possible.
  12. The First Annual “Easter Egg Hide” where we hid easter eggs all over Capitol Hill.
  13. Going to DENT 2015 and giving a parkour workshop there.
  14. Going to a Metalachi show (a metal mariachi band).
  15. Going to a small SEAL “assault” training (with airsoft guns).
  16. Sprinkle Packing Party. (BOX IS LIFE. LABELS UP. NOTES FOR ALL.)
  17. Going to 10 new countries (Austria, Germany, France, Thailand, Myanmar, Egypt, Turkey, The Netherlands, Chile, South Africa)
  18. Moving to DC with Lauryl.
  19. Sleeping in a treehouse in South Africa, and waking up to Bushbabies in our ceiling.
  20. Seeing elephants, giraffes, and so much more at Kruger National Park Game Reserve. Pictures.
  21. Hearing a whale singing while scuba diving in Cape Town.
  22. Seeing my first shark in the wild, up close and very personal.
  23. Joining the federal government to work for 18F.
  24. Giving a talk, explaining what my team is and what we do, hundreds of people on my third day, with 27 minutes notice.
  25. Seeing Aladdin, my first broadway play.
  26. Traveling to South Africa with Lauryl for three weeks.

Okay 27. Lets rumble.

Picture is of me doing a backflip in Egypt in front of the Great Pyramids. This was just before our guide bribed the guards to let us into the far one and keep everyone else out, so we could have a quiet, private experience.

Definitely a highlight of the year.

Written on January 2, 2015